Engage your candidates on messaging apps today.

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You and your candidates, yesterday

91% of your recruiters are unsatisfied with the level of your database “freshness”.

Updating your candidates profiles is time consuming and costly.

You run rare and ineffective spot campaigns to get updates

Outdated profiles, no relationships or so little.

Do you know how long profile update take, in the recruitment industry?

— On average, 17 months.

You and your candidates, tomorrow

 Profiles updated in real-time, strong bonds.

You interact with your database on a daily basis.

You have trusted data at the right time and compliant with data regulations

You qualify and pre-screen your candidate on-the-fly

How long for a candidate to answer 12 questions throught our chatbot?

— About 3 minutes.

Incredible Benefits

Automating your qualification and pre-screening process save time to your recruiters.

Keeping your profiles up to date increase your database value & usage. Again saving time to your recruiters and money to your company.

These two benefits create a unique opportunity. Now your recruiters have time to talk with the candidates, to discover their culture and background. All to take a wiser decision.

While it's good for your company, it's also a better experience for the candidates. They will feel like a human, not a number for your brand as you will interact with them personally and way more often.

When technology gives more to humans than what it takes.

How does it work?

We connect to your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or you send us a CSV export of your database. 

STEP 1 — ATS connection

STEP 2 — Onboarding campaigns

We engage with your candidates by email to make them connect to your company through their preferred messaging app. Our experts in email marketing setup and run the multi-step campaigns for you.

STEP 3 — Engaging with the chatbot

Candidates engage with the chatbot specifically designed for your business. Our system automatically synchronizes the data with your ATS.

After this, the chatbot will continue to engage and update the critical informations your business needs, 24/7. Besides, your recruiters will be able to run their own campaigns at custom segments on-the-fly.

Enterprise ready

Any data you send us lives in a database dedicated to you because we know how sensitive it is.

Our architecture is using the multi-tenancy strategy. Our core system is written in Elixir, a functional programming language running on Erlang.

If you want more technical details, please contact us.

A dedicated system for each of our customer.

A flexible price.


3 000$

  • Applicant Tracking System connection
  • Messaging apps setup
  • Onboarding email campaigns
  • Custom chatbot
  • AI Training



We deliver trainings and consulting to support your teams taking the most out of our technology.



  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited segments
  • Email & Phone support

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